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Viewing Game - Match against Navy

Match against Navy

Game Date:

Tuesday 5th April 2016

Game Location:

Home Club

Game Description:

8 man Team singles matchplay - 3/4 difference in handicaps allowance

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Match 1
Fred King (7)Won5/42
Dna ArourLost5/40
Match 2
Michael Kerrigan (1)HalfHalf1
Reg bainsHalfHalf1
Match 3
Jesse Newman (6)Won2/12
Ralp ParksLost2/10
Match 4
Hank Gomez (16)HalfHalf1
Mike WattsHalfHalf1
Match 5
Steven Schrader (9)Won6/42
Bob HalsonLost6/40
Match 6
Winston Eve (13)Lost3/40
Nath RobesWon3/42
Match 7
Barry Fox (18)Won2up2
Jason PulisLost2up0
Match 8
Richard Werther (21)HalfHalf1
Jess NordHalfHalf1
Your Team Wins: 11 points to 5