About us - Online Golf Media

YourMatchPlay.com is a website devoted to Matchplay in all its forms, a useful tool to aid organizers, team captains and Golf Club secretaries.

The perks of using Your Match Play:


  • Easy to use
  • Smart phone optimised no app required
  • In BASIS FORM the use of this website is completely free to use for one year or for all time if wiped clean at your year end.
  • In SILVER MODE we will charge a fee of £20 per year to keep all of your information on record so that you and all of your members can look back at all of the previous years recorded history.
  • Record’s any game for future reference / viewing
  • Simple notice board for announcements
  • Upload image galleries and preserve your golf pics online
  • Keep your members up-to-date with calendar of events to come
  • Arrange knockout tournaments, auto emails to participants and a visual breakdown of the results
  • Auto Draw, then print out tournament draw to place on notice board as well as auto email to all participants


  • Player profiles, upload a picture of the person, keep their contact details, view their results, arrange and record matches. Provides a how did they do record in table format of your players
  • Auto email to team members for any up and coming match, auto reply re availability facility

Who are we?

Online Golf Media specialises in providing a high quality online golf management service. Some three years ago we launched our first golf site  www.yourGolfSociety.com which has become quite popular amongst the groups and societies that have joined up. The site keeps a record of an individuals games played and points or net medal play achieved with an allotted points tally total with regards to the other members in your group. A place to keep memories and photos from days gone by. History in the making for groups of players and societies, where as  YourMatchPlay.com  is purely for Knockout Tournaments and Team Match Play games.


We'd very much appreciate your feedback on the service we provide, please use the contact form if you have any message or enquiry for us, we'll be happy to help you out with whatever your query is.

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